Webmail is the best way to check e-mail when you're not using your own computer. But it's also where you take control of junk mail! To do so, please follow these steps:

Go to https://webmail.yourdomain.com (.net, .org, etc.) for the secure version of your Webmail (replacing, of course, "yourdomain" with your domain name). You only need to enter the first part of your e-mail address (the part before the "@" symbol) and your password. I recommend that you bookmark the Webmail URL. (If for some reason you need the non-secure version, just leave the "s" off of the "http".)



To read any of these messages, you have to move them to your inbox. If you’re not sure about a message, choose just the “Move to INBOX” option to read it. If clearly legitimate e-mail is here, you'll want to choose the option "Move to INBOX + Add Sender to Whitelist." A Whitelist is a list of e-mail addresses you always want to get through the filter.

It's a good idea to delete the real junk, because it will make less for you to sort through the next time you check. Junk mail will automatically be deleted in 10 days, which is another reason to check regularly for legit mail!

Note that these messages are not listed according to date, but in the order of their "spam factor" scores, from lowest to highest. That means that if legit messages have been caught here, they will probably be near the top of the list.

Every weekday between 4:00 and 5:00pm, you'll get an e-mail titled "Junk Mail Report" that lists any messages you currently have in your Junk Mail folder. Be sure to read this message to see if anything legit has been blocked. (You can, of course, check this any time you like by going to Webmail.)

If you have questions about any of this, or would like your settings changed, please e-mail me.


CHANGING YOUR SETTINGS YOURSELF  (For the more tech-savvy among you)

In Webmail, you can modify your settings in Options > SpamAssassin Configuration. The top section is for adding people to your White/Black lists. Below that are preferences for how sensitive to make the filter, how long to leave messages in the Junk Mail folder, how often to get reports about what's in your Junk Mail folder, etc.